The Ifakara Bakery Project Charity

In 2001 Margaret and Eugene Schellenberg went on holiday to Tanzania and met the Sisters of St Francis in Ifakara. This is part of the Kilombero District about 250 miles south west of Dar es Salaam. The Sisters wanted to provide a staple food throughout the year for the local population, especially when the maize harvest failed.

Margaret and Eugene raised £30,000.00 to buy machinery, an oven and equipment including a generator so that a bakery could be built. The donations received paid also for transportation, clearing charges and installation costs. They went back to Ifakara to install the equipment and teach the Sisters how to bake bread. 100 loaves a day were produced at the outset.

The Ifakara bakery continues to be a success, producing now between 400 and 900 loaves daily. It provides local employment and has made a huge difference to so many in the community.

The Free Bread Fund was subsequently set up using further donations so that the Charity provides bread now on a daily basis for nursery schools; kindergartens; primary schools; the local Hospital; Nazareti Leprosy Centre and Lepra Village; together with the Bethlehem Centre for children with learning disabilities.

For so many people this is a lifeline, and for which they are very grateful. £30,000.00 was raised in 2014 to enable the Charity to maintain the existing supply of bread to the above. 

If you want to read more about the work being undertaken by the Ifakara Bakery Charity in Tanzania please follow the link to read the latest newsletter Ifakara Bakery Charity Newsletter 2014

If you are able to buy one or more loaves of bread for Ifakara, which cost £0.25p GBP each on current exchange rates but which so many still cannot afford, please send a cheque made payable to the Ifakara Bakery Project Charity, to c/o S Bradshaw, 28 Belle Vue Terrace, Hampton-in-Arden, Solihull, West Midlands, B92 0AR, England.

Thank you ~ your gift however small will make a difference to the person receiving the bread. Administration charges will not be deducted.

Registered Charity No: 1114531

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