Monday, 18 January 2016

From Now 'til Then... My Poetry Collection

The main focus of my writing business has become my website where you'll find news of what I'm doing, and updates on my books.

I'll be posting now on my website blog, instead of Google+ I would love to keep in touch with you, so please click on the above link to join me. 

And before I go... 

Not only will The Alchemist's Passion be released soon but also, a collection of my poems called: From Now 'til Then. They are for anyone who has been in love or would like to be, and has known passion. 

Falling in Love

Walk softly
within my heart, 
footfall embedded
in tenderness

and I will search
love's touch
for your soul,

to embrace the dawn
with you.

copyright@Sharon Bradshaw 2016

There's more about From Now 'til Then on my website I'm looking forward to seeing you there.