Sunday, 21 June 2015

It's been a busy weekend, lots more writing...

I have been working on my 2nd novel; putting the chapters I have written into the order they will appear in the book; adding more historical background to the tale, from the research I've been doing, and editing. My goal is to finish the sequel to Durstan and Ailan's story, in the next few weeks.

Book 1 of The Iona Trilogy, The Monk who Cast a Spell, is available now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in other places if you would like to read the beginning... link

I was delighted to receive my copy of The Dawntreader quarterly poetry magazine earlier this week. A poem I had submitted some time ago, "Curves in the Sand" about Nefertiti, her Pharoah Akhenaten and Ancient Egypt, has been included in the latest issue... (Link to Indigo Dreams, the Publishers website)

I also wrote an article a few weeks ago for Kishboo Magazine: "Meet my Nemesis ~ Books", and was pleased to receive an email this afternoon to say that the Editor was giving an online preview of issue 4, in which it appears. You can read my article here by following the Link 

And today has been Fathers' Day in the UK. I don't have an original photograph to post, but I think he would have liked this one, as Peace was my Father's favourite rose.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Viking Raid... and The Monk who Cast a Spell

"In this year dire portents appeared over Northumbria and sorely frightened the people. They consisted of immense whirlwinds and flashes of lightening, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the air. A great famine immediately followed those signs, and a little after that in the same year, on 8 June, the ravages of heathen men miserably destroyed God's Church on Lindisfarne, with plunder and slaughter."  

(Extract from The Anglo Saxon Chronicle)

Imagine being caught in the horror of a Viking raid, when they came to Lindisfarne in June, 793 AD.

Neither the Christian God nor the Old Gods, magic or spells were strong enough to protect you, and Iona would be next...

...but Durstan still falls in love with Ailan, after their sexual awakening at Beltane, and becomes injured then in a later Viking raid.

Just imagine how it must have been... as I did, when I researched and wrote The Monk who Cast a Spell, published by Motivational Press and available from Amazon, UK US Germany Spain Italy Canada India 
Barnes and Noble, and in other places.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How I became a Writer (Part 1) ~ finding my voice

Motivation is an important factor in reaching a goal, what it is we would truly like to achieve, and the reason for our actions. 

I wanted to write historical fiction and be a published author, so how did I do it? I practised every day, whenever and as often as I could, because I had to teach myself to write... 

...and I enjoyed the journey. 

I wrote poetry to explore the nuances of words, phrases; short stories set in different times and places; even non-fiction. I worked in many genres to stretch my imagination, and skill. 

The books I read complimented this. I didn't always read what I wanted to. I delved into the unknown to learn more, things which hadn't earlier been of interest, and I also researched my subject: the 8th century.

I knew already about love, but I would be writing about real life in my novels and that isn't always nice, so I explored the extremities of violence; the paranormal; erotica, and much more in the words I wouldn't share with others. 

The story line in my novel came through then onto the page, in a more realistic way, because I had delved deeper into it. I had lived in my earlier writing through the horror of a Viking raid; the domestic violence to which Ailan is subjected; the madness of Edgar Addle-Head; the mysticism of Brionach the Druid, and much more... I had found my voice!

You can read Durstan and Ailan's story in The Monk who Cast a Spell available now from Amazon,
UK USA  Canada Germany France Spain Barnes and Noble, and in other places... 

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