Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I'll be talking on radio tonight with Al Cole ~ about the Alchemy of Love!

It's been a great week, and I am excited and honoured to be talking with Al Cole tonight; Tuesday, 15th September, on his "People of Distinction" radio show. 

The interview will be aired repeatedly between 5.00pm and 8.00pm Eastern time on The Al Cole Radio Show (click on the link, and Al's photo then to listen). 

It'll also be on iTunes Radio network, which can be accessed through the iTunes browser; then "News/Talk" and "People of Distinction". 

I hope you'll enjoy listening to Al and I talking about The Ifakara Bakery Project Charity; how I raised funds to help the children in Tanzania; and also of course, The Monk who Cast a Spell published by Motivational Press on 16th March. The novel is available here if you would like to take a look. 

Durstan and Ailan's love story takes place in 794 AD, and is as relevant today, as it was then. Quoting from an 8th century Monk: "it's the love between us that matters the most!" 

Durstan, The Monk who Cast a Spell, realises that he cannot live to the fullest extent without love; and that it's not only of a sexual nature. Monastery life is austere; with daily deprivation and punishment, and there's little kindness or compassion. It becomes clear to him through the events in the story that his life has to change. Love for the natural world, and more is the basis of his beliefs, as a young man. 

And I also believe in the alchemy of love; the changes which kindness and compassion can bring to all our lives; that it begins with the individual. Each of us has the ability to reach out to another, in a kind word or deed; and if we can find happiness in ourselves, I believe that this is the first important step...

I'll be talking with Al Cole tonight about this, and more. I hope you'll be able to join us later. 

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