Friday, 25 September 2015

Flowers, books, and more... have been my inspiration this week

Inspiration is the feeling or thought which motivates us; and as a medical term, the drawing of air into our lungs. What could be more fundamental than this? It's a life breath, which for me, has become creative writing. So what has inspired me this week to write?

I have been reading a lot; including the relevant sections of "English Stone Building" by Alec Clifton-Taylor and A.S. Ireson. It's a book which tells the story of stone masonry. I wanted to see what more I could discover, about the buildings I was writing about in 800 AD, and the stone which would have been available locally at that time. 

Also, "The Domesday Book - England's Heritage, then and now" by Thomas Hinde. This gives details of the famous manuscript created in 1086; and talks about how the land was held in parts of England after the 1066 Norman Conquest. It's later than the time I'm writing about, but not difficult to imagine from it how life might have been a couple of hundred years earlier. People were already, in the 8th century and before, trying to create security for their families and themselves through land ownership; despite the actions of the warlords, and Viking raids which were taking place.

Walking every day has also inspired me; looking at the historical places near where I live, and gardens. People; a word or glance; someone's face at the window; sunshine and raindrops... making sure too that I had a notebook and pen in my bag, to write down my thoughts.

I have a small camera, and took a few photographs of the flowers I came across which I liked. I have been thinking about the change from Summer to Autumn. It's definitely getting colder and the light is less; but the magic of nature remains with us...

As for the writing itself... Book 2 is almost done. I'm looking forward now to working on the 1st draft of Book 3, which will complete the Iona trilogy. Some of it is already written in older notebooks. If you still haven't bought a copy of the novel where the story began; The Monk who Cast a Spell is available on Amazon here 

I hope you have had a great week, Google+ Friends, and are looking forward to the weekend. 

Thank you for visiting the Hope and Dreams blog.