Saturday, 15 August 2015

Another 5***** Review for The Monk who Cast a Spell...

I was delighted this week to receive another 5***** Amazon review for The Monk who Cast a Spell... 

"I absolutely loved this book... what was true then is as true now, LOVE can conquer all and LOVE will find a way... the beautiful love story of Durstan, the Monk, and his Ailan..."

There's magic and history too in The Monk who Cast a Spell, when Durstan falls in love with Ailan in 794AD after their sexual awakening at Beltane. He is drawn to Beth when he thinks he has lost her, and becomes injured then in a Viking raid.

If you would like to read their story, The Monk who Cast a Spell is available now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in other places 

There's more about the 8th century, here on my blog. I'll also be talking tomorrow to my friend and Author, Sue Johnson. Please join us then.

I hope you are having a great weekend, Google+ Friends.