Sunday, 26 January 2014

Beowulf and Writing Poetry

I've been reading Anglo Saxon poetry from the early centuries for the last few weeks. The words let us glimpse a much harder life physically, but where people's feelings seem surprisingly much the same as ours. The poems are full of thoughts on love and family.

Unfortunately, not many have survived and some verses are incomplete. There's "Wulf and Eadwacer", a poem about a woman whose lover is an outlaw and Eadwacer, her tyrant husband. "The Wife's Complaint" is the tale of another who is banished from the community to live in a cave, once her husband has gone, and she recalls the happy times they spent together. There's the poem too about the message a husband sent to his wife with a signal for her to join him in exile. 

"Beowulf", my favourite, is set in the 5th and 6th centuries on the North sea coast of England. He's a dragon slayer. The manuscript of the poem is dated around 1010AD, but the story could easily have been told and retold in the mead hall long before written words became common place. 

I've almost finished writing a poem about Stonehenge and I'm still working on my novel, the Monk's tale. 
I hope that all of your projects are going well and that like me you are looking forward to writing more. Also, the arrival of Spring and it's warmer days.

Have a great week, Google+ Friends!                      

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Under a January Sky - a new poem

The words for a poem can come from many different places. I've recently discovered a number of inspiring photographs posted by the Google + communities, and I wrote the poem below last night.

Under a January Sky

The moon descends a cobalt sky,
touches the silver sea, as it falls
into the whispering wave, and
so the dark curtain is drawn.

The Sun's fire is hidden behind
a field of twinkling stars, 
it's time to sleep once more,
through this winter's night.

January is the month of continuity and change, keeping the old and introducing the new. It's a time when we may reflect on life as it has been and how we would like it now to be.

I hope that your first few days of 2014 have been good ones and that the remainder of your year will be too.