Sunday, 13 April 2014

"L" is for Lindisfarne and Love


The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is near Northumberland on the north east coast of England. It has been important to Celtic Christianity from the 6th century, and a Priory was founded there in 634AD by St Aidan from Iona.

In 793AD the Vikings began their raids on Lindisfarne and the Monks eventually left the island in 875AD, but we still have the beautiful Lindisfarne Gospels which were created there in the early 700's.

Both Lindisfarne and love play an important part in the novel I'm writing about Durstan, a Monk in the 8th century, and I've also written a number of love poems, of which the following is one:

In the air last night

Softly blew the gentle
breeze of love through
an open window pane,
embracing breath
it tasted sweetness,
on memories' tender lips.

She dreamed of him again
last night, lying at her side,
knowing that it couldn't be,
but for the fleeting shadows
when she woke, the glimpse
of his soul in half closed eyes.

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