Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I is for Inspiration and Iris

"Inspiration" was one of the first poems I wrote whilst sitting in Birmingham Art Gallery gazing at a painting from the mid 1800s of the mountains, a small boat and a lake.

Unfortunately, I didn't make a note of the artist's name but I won't forget the message I took away from his painting that day. It helped me persevere as a writer, and the poem I wrote was one of the first I had accepted for publication by a small press.

"We are tiny in the infinity of the Universe,
you and I, yet it's all there; the beauty, the world.
Take it! It's yours, it belongs to us.

It's there inside already, waiting for you to reach and release the spirit; the core, the essence.

Rest in the blue of the lake and snow on the mountains,
but fly then as the birds who skim the water, and soar.

Don't drift like confused timber, or be a passenger
waiting quietly on the shore for a boat to sail to safety.

There's no need. You can follow the gentle breeze
that crosses the lake, and meets the pure mountain air.

I know you can."

And I've always loved the Iris, the symbolic flower of Florence, with it's links to the Medici family in Italy.

Thank you for visiting the Hope and Dreams Blog. I'll be posting "J" here tomorrow to continue the A-Z Blog Challenge.