Sunday, 2 March 2014

Writing, Blogging and being Published

I've had a busy few weeks, and have signed up to take part in the A-Z Blog Challenge which begins on 1st April. I'm aiming to do a short post every day of the month, except Sundays, and which will follow the letters of the alphabet.

I've carried on with the novel edit and have  had 6 poems accepted for publication by The Dawntreader quarterly poetry magazine, the first of which is in the Spring issue no: 025

I have 3 of my poems now on Kindle in the "Ballads" and "Passages" Charity Anthologies published by Dagda Publishing in aid of Shelter and Scope. The links are as follows if you would like to support these great causes:


I've written a number of poems over the last couple of years and have started to compile an Anthology of these, again for Kindle. 

And it's a lovely time of year. The days are lengthening. There's new growth on the trees, fresh foliage and flowers again as we move into spring. Nature's magic is everywhere if you enjoy walking, gardening or just being outdoors.

Have a great week, Google + Friends.