Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Happy New Year and the Best of Times in 2014!

I've been thinking about calendars because it's New Year and, as I'm usually delving into history, one that came to mind was the Julius Work Calendar  written in or around 1020AD as an instruction manual for the young Monks at Canterbury Cathedral. It gave them guidance on the tasks which had to be undertaken in the 12 months ahead.

I haven't found an updated version of this but I have been trying to make the characters come alive on the page whilst editing my novel about Durstan, an eighth century Monk. The different sights; smells and sounds in an environment which we may never fully know, but which leaves plenty of room for imagination to play a part.

I'm writing about the threads of humanity and emotion which bind us still to those people who lived centuries ago, and whom our Ancestors would have known. 

And I've been thinking about my blog, the different people I've contacted because of it. There were the messages too which I received on Christmas morning from friends I've made across the world. We had a common purpose on 25th December, to wish each other well, and I think the same is true of New Year.

A Happy New Year to everyone on Google +, the people who follow my blog and those I'm looking forward to meeting in the coming months. Enjoy the celebration and have the best of times in 2014.