Monday, 2 September 2013

It's what you believe..

An earth Angel climbed slowly
up the red twig tree.
She had fallen far
onto undulating soil, rocks below,
and could hear faint dulcet tones,
the dove, a spirit on high.

Her tiny wings had yet to open, so
she perched nearby on a bare branch,
listening to the wondrous tale
the messenger told of lands afar, sights,
riches uncountenanced.
How she longed to fly, our earth Angel!

"Close your eyes and dream",
he whispered gently.
"The world above, below, is for us all.
It's yours too, believe in yourself.
A basket is full of abundance, joy,
if you think it so.
Hope and dream, earth Angel,
for we live in love and light."

This week's Magpie Tales image is by Jeannie Tomanek. If you would like to read more stories and poems based on this please visit  Thank you for reading my poem.