Monday, 30 September 2013

Beyond the Horizon

They hung him there on a day like this,
from the tall tree by the barn, a cold day.
The salt tang of the distant sea
in the bitter wind from the north.
It made his eyes water,
dragging him reluctant behind
the sweating horse, up a stepping stone path,
in half light the chasm between day, night.

He knew what they meant to do alright
- for poaching, the crime of instinct.
He looked up before they noosed him,
desperate to see God's smile
in a single sunlit ray, but stark grey
overshadowed the tawny brown earth,
the sky a darkened cauldron beyond.

And the boy's eyes left them,
sightless black in death,
as the fragrant scent of skinny rabbit
lingered in charcoal ash.

This week's image for Magpie Tales is a photograph by Mark Haley called Top Withens. If you would like to read more stories and poems based on this then please visit